Thursday, October 6, 2016

Working on new mini jewelry line - take a look at work in progess

>>> Recently, I decided to give a go at Instagram and didn't need too long to get totally hooked. Part of Instagram community that I am interested in reminds me of a real life market place, with actual real traders, sellers, artists, artisans etc., and they seem to be very responsive, while actively being involved in promoting their products or services or exchanging their knowledge, experience or anything else they are willing to share. In spite of annoying attention seekers, who are not interested in mutual engagement, support, etc., but are rather eager for boosting the number of their followers, I find Instagram, in general, a very positive place to be. Time invested in it is worthwhile. The fact that Instagram is designed to be a mobile application, makes it a very special online universe that pushes you to be focused and make very specific and targeted searches. Since I am new there and being overwhelmed with it, I have neglected a little bit my good, old blog, a platform that I'm always returning to :). So here's what I've been doing lately. 

>>> Since I have a large stockpile of tiny seed beads in various colors, and the same goes for thin wire and even scrap wire that I wanted to use,  I have decided to go back to bridal pieces since they are the best for fine work, beads and wire. 

>>> Bellow is the necklace that is good for bridesmaids, too. I used leftovers of brass wire for branches and wire crochet leaves I made for another project, long time ago.
 >>> This is how it looked before I assembled elements into a necklace. 
 >>> Here's how it all started, leftover beads and wire as inspiration :). 
>>> With scrap wire being short you can't really plan dimensions, so I decided to go with irregular shapes and free forms. 
>>> Before that I have made a two piece bridal set in mauve and dark brown tones. 
 >>> In spite of a lot of beads used it came out very lightweight. 
 >>> It makes beautiful lights reflections and interesting shadows on the walls :). 
 >>> Close up on earrings, and it seems that I was much more fascinated with them...
 >>>...than my cat :)! 
 >>> Working with beads is also a kind of color therapy, you can be sure :)! 

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