Thursday, October 20, 2016

Enter a Free Giveaway on my Instagram Account!

>>>  Yep ;)! It is running on my Instagram account until Sunday, October 23rd, 2016. Type in on your Instagram search box and follow the rules. The winner will be announced next day, Monday, Oct. 24th. Good Luck!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Working on new mini jewelry line - take a look at work in progess

>>> Recently, I decided to give a go at Instagram and didn't need too long to get totally hooked. Part of Instagram community that I am interested in reminds me of a real life market place, with actual real traders, sellers, artists, artisans etc., and they seem to be very responsive, while actively being involved in promoting their products or services or exchanging their knowledge, experience or anything else they are willing to share. In spite of annoying attention seekers, who are not interested in mutual engagement, support, etc., but are rather eager for boosting the number of their followers, I find Instagram, in general, a very positive place to be. Time invested in it is worthwhile. The fact that Instagram is designed to be a mobile application, makes it a very special online universe that pushes you to be focused and make very specific and targeted searches. Since I am new there and being overwhelmed with it, I have neglected a little bit my good, old blog, a platform that I'm always returning to :). So here's what I've been doing lately. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016



>>> Before proceeding with instructions, just a few introductory notes about Pirot Kilim. I'll make it short this time, because the post is going to be a long one, anyway. I feel sorry that we here don't realize that world is going crazy about this type of rugs/kilims and don't push it harder to promote a variant, typical for this part of the world. Pirot is a little town in southern Serbia, with a long tradition in weaving. Color combinations are beautiful, motifs are influenced partially by Turkish textiles from the time of Ottoman Empire, and there are some motifs that are genuine to this part of the world and that existed before the Ottoman Empire. The technique of weaving is though quite unique and extremely time consuming, but kilim is  the same from both sides, there are no knots between the color sections, no visible yarn ends. Original Pirot Kilims, made in certified weaving workshops, are of exquisite quality.

On the picture below is a sample card from the beginning of the 20th century, that belonged to one of those workshops and used to help the clients deciding which carpet they want. Incorporating these motifs into modern jewelry, textile or even architecture, is one way to keep them alive. 

Vintage sample card, with motifs; 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mauve Wedding Bridal Tiara

Mauve Wedding

>>> A new set I have made on my Polyvore account, featuring new bridal tiara and earrings, in brown, pink and mauve tones. I think it's good for you ginger hairs :). Go with a simple dress, with fine pleats and deep "V" cut on a back,  made of a some gorgeous, lightweight fabric and lacy booties in ecru tones. Good for weddings with a mauve and lilac color theme :). 

Note: Photos of two beautiful ginger hair girls are not mine, I give credit to authors and will remove them on request. 

Funtasma bootie boots
6790 RSD -

Bobbi brown cosmetic
3070 RSD -

Nars cosmetic
2985 RSD -