Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Multistructural Wire Necklace, Comb and Earrings - Multistrukturalni rad u žici: ogrlica, češljić i minđuše

>>> Here I am again writing about how much I wanted to make wire work like this, but was not sure how. I didn't even know how to search for eventual tutorial and which term to use - wire curling, complex wire work, multilayered wire jewelry? I checked a lot of videos available on internet, but nothing like that something I have had in my mind. I studied photos of other jewelry designers, mostly Russians, who seem to have natural talent for this kind of work, but I'm not sure if I figured out how they do it. I have had a lot of trials, but all came unsuccessful, with my wire all crooked up and asymmetric.  

>>> That's why I prefer free style jewelry making :), but this came as a real challenge, for many reasons. First one comes in form of question "How to tame the wire so it curves the way I want?" Once you bent it and you don't like the way it looks, there are poor chances that you can reverse it the way it was before and fix the mistake. The wire will be crooked, it will have ugly angles and this work is all about smooth, flowing lines. You can see it on the pendant bellow, though I still like how it came out in the end.  I was wondering should I preheat the wire and make it softer. But I discovered it is not necessary. 
 >>> My next dilemma was how many pieces of wire should I use and how long they should be? I think it can be as many as you like and they can be as long as you want. I have found the way it works for me, though I still have to practice. A lot :)! Maybe I'll discover the way that is even more convenient. So far, I'm closer to what I wanted to achieve. 
 >>> Did I made a sketches, drawings or anything like that? Not in this case. I have had a general idea in my mind. And that's the part I like about this. Here's what's the challenging thing about this technique - you really have to think hard and ahead about each step, for the reason I already mention. Once you curve the wire, there's nothing like Undo and Redo option that is good enough. At least not with the tools and work conditions I currently have. You have to anticipate in advance how the curve will appear if you go left or right, down or under the layers of wire you already made. That's why this technique is also a very meditative one. 
Next challenge is achieving symmetry and I think this technique is an excellent exercise, both for your left and right brain hemisphere :). I do have a trouble to achieve perfect symmetry, with tools I have. And I like to work with as little as possible tools. So I think minor imperfections are even more charming, because I also don't like when handmade jewelry is way too perfect, it reminds me then of machine made jewelry. 
>>> I am not a very patient jewelry maker, I want to have a clue from the begging how the work will look in the end. When I was making a pendant for the necklace above, many times I wanted to give up. Because the base of the work looked awful and not promising. But I kept working with a hope that next layers will be more defined and I'm glad now I did so.
 >>> Next challenge comes in a form of questions like - when to stop? Should I add more wires, or should I cut the wire I already work with? 
>>> Should I proceed upward, sideward or downward? A lot of decisions to make :). 
>>> And finally, here comes a tricky one. The earrings from the picture above and bellow. As you can see I have made two same side earrings. That was not my goal... They should have been mirror like, but I was not able to achieve it. That's because I was making them simultaneously. If my task was to make one earring like that, it would be very easy to make. It's kind of free form wire work. An erring alone is not symmetrical. But since we, unfortunatelly :), have two ears, I (unfortunatelly :) had to make two earrings. And making another, same earring is not the work I enjoy the most :). 
>>> Here, I was faced with another kind of challenge, making two earrings simultaneously. An earring alone is not symmetrical, but another one should be mirror-like-symmetrical. I was completely confused and wasn't able to repeat the same but mirror-like step on another earring. So if there are a persons with two left or two right ears, these earring are just the right one pair for them :). 

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