Friday, September 30, 2016

My new necklace on Polyvore Set

>>> Not much, just that for today :).

Read me :)!

Two piece dress
43280 RSD -

Paul Andrew suede shoes
44815 RSD -

Chanel brooch
19700 RSD -

Lipstick Queen lipstick
4275 RSD -

Monday, September 12, 2016

Mixed Style Necklace With Red Beads

>>> This bracelet is made for a woman who likes red color and bold, statement jewelry. While it was not my intention, the end result came out somewhat ethnic/tribal, which is even better than I hoped :). All of the components are handmade, from brass wire in various gauges. As for beads, I used transparent round glass beads, seed beads and red coral beads. It is a very time consuming piece, it's not ready yet, but I had to check the camera look :). When I finish it, I'll put it on a display model and take one more shoot, so you can guess the size and proportions. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Golden Brown Texture Like Sun :)

>>> In addition to works from the post bellow - some more brown tones. Do you like Autumn like I do :)? More browns, more wind, more rain and umbrellas, less people on the streets, less noise...more of nice, clear and fresh air. Can't wait! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Multistructural Wire Necklace, Comb and Earrings - Multistrukturalni rad u žici: ogrlica, češljić i minđuše

>>> Here I am again writing about how much I wanted to make wire work like this, but was not sure how. I didn't even know how to search for eventual tutorial and which term to use - wire curling, complex wire work, multilayered wire jewelry? I checked a lot of videos available on internet, but nothing like that something I have had in my mind. I studied photos of other jewelry designers, mostly Russians, who seem to have natural talent for this kind of work, but I'm not sure if I figured out how they do it. I have had a lot of trials, but all came unsuccessful, with my wire all crooked up and asymmetric.