Saturday, August 13, 2016

I listen to my wire and do what it tells me to do ;P - Slušam svoju žicu i radim onako kako ona kaže ;)

>>> When I have to say something about a jewelry piece that I was working on, most of the time I lack the words. Like now, but I'll try. Maybe this is going to be a story about how you plan in your mind an entirely different jewelry line and end up with a piece that you wanted to make for a long time, but was not sure how. And for a long time I wanted to make piece like this. First I made a drawing and got almost what I wanted..well, this is just the first piece and I hope to perfect the technique with a practice. The end result is different than the initial idea, but sometime wire tells itself what needs to be done, instead. And I listen to wire :). It told me that it wants to curve out when I wanted to curve it in and that I need to fill the gaps with more beads.

>>> It surprised me the way it curved toward the back of the work, making the spine-like structure that looks totally weird, maybe gothic :)?  I'd like to know, if you're an wire artist, too, does the same happens to you and do you stick to your initial plan/drawing/idea or you go with the flow and make the changes along the way? Because, in this case: 1) I wanted to use red stones, but picked purple ones instead?! 2) I wanted to hang the pendant on a wiking knit chain. And I tried to make one, and I tried, and tried, but kept failing and didn't manage to make the chain that I like and that doesn't have the wire ends that poke badly. 3) Than I decided to use the cord which I knotted in a "Bumblebee" Celtic Knot, but now I don't like the color. But I like that I tried to make a Celtic Know :). Than, now I have to think about something else to replace it. 
>>> There is something that I like, and it's the way I finished the cord ends and the closure :). 

>>> For those who are new to wire-work, this was made from a copper wire, in a wire wrap and wire weave technique and a little bit of hammering. Beads are color jade and frosted clear glass beads. Oxidized for a antique look. 

>>> The front of the pendant is slightly bent outwards while the back goes in and out, which gives a piece a 3 D effect, together with a central bead.
>>> I almost like the back of the work more than front, I would (personally) wear it that way - back side front :)! 
 >>> In the end, it is not what was intended to be, it is what is meant to be :)! 

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