Saturday, August 27, 2016

Copper Wire Diadem - Dijadema od bakarne žice

>>> Copper Wire Diadem; Copper, freshwater pearls, clear and frosted glass beads; Technique: wire wrap; Oxidized for antique look;
>>> <<<
<<< Dijadema od bakarne žice;bakar, sedef, providne i peskirane staklene perle;Tehnika: wire wrap; Patinirano;

Saturday, August 13, 2016

I listen to my wire and do what it tells me to do ;P - Slušam svoju žicu i radim onako kako ona kaže ;)

>>> When I have to say something about a jewelry piece that I was working on, most of the time I lack the words. Like now, but I'll try. Maybe this is going to be a story about how you plan in your mind an entirely different jewelry line and end up with a piece that you wanted to make for a long time, but was not sure how. And for a long time I wanted to make piece like this. First I made a drawing and got almost what I wanted..well, this is just the first piece and I hope to perfect the technique with a practice. The end result is different than the initial idea, but sometime wire tells itself what needs to be done, instead. And I listen to wire :). It told me that it wants to curve out when I wanted to curve it in and that I need to fill the gaps with more beads.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ice Age Bracelets And Headband With Geometric Motifs - Narukvice i krunica sa geometrijskim motivima, iz ledenog doba

>>> I am a great fan of prehistoric art and have been both blessed and cursed to live in a part of the world called Balkan peninsula. For now, I'll leave bad sides and mention only good ones, those that make me happy to live in an area that is so rich with history and archaeological sites like Lepenski Vir, Starcevo, Vinca, Butmir, Vucedol, etc. and that is not far away from other neighboring cultures like Cucuteni-Trypillian and Karanovo-Gumelnitsa, which all together seem to be a part of one huge ( and highly neglected by modern day scholars ) Old European Culture or Old Danube Civilization, which was spread widely in time and space: It lasted from as early as from 27,000 BCE until 3,000 BCE and covered modern day countries like all of ex-YU countries, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Albania, North Italy, parts of Greece, Turkey and huge parts, if not all, of Ukraine, Russia, etc.

Today I want to mention two prehistoric artifacts from Ukraine and one from Russia. Just the bare thought of them induces chills going down my spine. They might be the oldest known artifacts with meandering and zigzag/chevron motifs, ever found. They are 20,000 years old, at least, and are carved in mammoth bone and tusks. 


>>> Ukraine is blessed with with an abundance of Paleolithic sites. Although artifacts made primarily from mammoth bones and tusks are known from ancient settlements throughout Eurasia, they are mainly concentrated in the north-western tributaries of the Dnipro River basin and in the Crimeamaking Ukraine an ideal area in which to study Paleolithic society. Those settlements have been dated by 14C isotope analysis to between 27,000 and 12,000 BCE. 

Paleolithic bracelet with meandering and zigzag patterns; Mezin,Ukraine;