Thursday, October 20, 2016

Enter a Free Giveaway on my Instagram Account!

>>>  Yep ;)! It is running on my Instagram account until Sunday, October 23rd, 2016. Type in on your Instagram search box and follow the rules. The winner will be announced next day, Monday, Oct. 24th. Good Luck!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Working on new mini jewelry line - take a look at work in progess

>>> Recently, I decided to give a go at Instagram and didn't need too long to get totally hooked. Part of Instagram community that I am interested in reminds me of a real life market place, with actual real traders, sellers, artists, artisans etc., and they seem to be very responsive, while actively being involved in promoting their products or services or exchanging their knowledge, experience or anything else they are willing to share. In spite of annoying attention seekers, who are not interested in mutual engagement, support, etc., but are rather eager for boosting the number of their followers, I find Instagram, in general, a very positive place to be. Time invested in it is worthwhile. The fact that Instagram is designed to be a mobile application, makes it a very special online universe that pushes you to be focused and make very specific and targeted searches. Since I am new there and being overwhelmed with it, I have neglected a little bit my good, old blog, a platform that I'm always returning to :). So here's what I've been doing lately. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016



>>> Before proceeding with instructions, just a few introductory notes about Pirot Kilim. I'll make it short this time, because the post is going to be a long one, anyway. I feel sorry that we here don't realize that world is going crazy about this type of rugs/kilims and don't push it harder to promote a variant, typical for this part of the world. Pirot is a little town in southern Serbia, with a long tradition in weaving. Color combinations are beautiful, motifs are influenced partially by Turkish textiles from the time of Ottoman Empire, and there are some motifs that are genuine to this part of the world and that existed before the Ottoman Empire. The technique of weaving is though quite unique and extremely time consuming, but kilim is  the same from both sides, there are no knots between the color sections, no visible yarn ends. Original Pirot Kilims, made in certified weaving workshops, are of exquisite quality.

On the picture below is a sample card from the beginning of the 20th century, that belonged to one of those workshops and used to help the clients deciding which carpet they want. Incorporating these motifs into modern jewelry, textile or even architecture, is one way to keep them alive. 

Vintage sample card, with motifs; 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mauve Wedding Bridal Tiara

Mauve Wedding

>>> A new set I have made on my Polyvore account, featuring new bridal tiara and earrings, in brown, pink and mauve tones. I think it's good for you ginger hairs :). Go with a simple dress, with fine pleats and deep "V" cut on a back,  made of a some gorgeous, lightweight fabric and lacy booties in ecru tones. Good for weddings with a mauve and lilac color theme :). 

Note: Photos of two beautiful ginger hair girls are not mine, I give credit to authors and will remove them on request. 

Funtasma bootie boots
6790 RSD -

Bobbi brown cosmetic
3070 RSD -

Nars cosmetic
2985 RSD -

Friday, September 30, 2016

My new necklace on Polyvore Set

>>> Not much, just that for today :).

Read me :)!

Two piece dress
43280 RSD -

Paul Andrew suede shoes
44815 RSD -

Chanel brooch
19700 RSD -

Lipstick Queen lipstick
4275 RSD -

Monday, September 12, 2016

Mixed Style Necklace With Red Beads

>>> This bracelet is made for a woman who likes red color and bold, statement jewelry. While it was not my intention, the end result came out somewhat ethnic/tribal, which is even better than I hoped :). All of the components are handmade, from brass wire in various gauges. As for beads, I used transparent round glass beads, seed beads and red coral beads. It is a very time consuming piece, it's not ready yet, but I had to check the camera look :). When I finish it, I'll put it on a display model and take one more shoot, so you can guess the size and proportions. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Golden Brown Texture Like Sun :)

>>> In addition to works from the post bellow - some more brown tones. Do you like Autumn like I do :)? More browns, more wind, more rain and umbrellas, less people on the streets, less noise...more of nice, clear and fresh air. Can't wait! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Multistructural Wire Necklace, Comb and Earrings - Multistrukturalni rad u žici: ogrlica, češljić i minđuše

>>> Here I am again writing about how much I wanted to make wire work like this, but was not sure how. I didn't even know how to search for eventual tutorial and which term to use - wire curling, complex wire work, multilayered wire jewelry? I checked a lot of videos available on internet, but nothing like that something I have had in my mind. I studied photos of other jewelry designers, mostly Russians, who seem to have natural talent for this kind of work, but I'm not sure if I figured out how they do it. I have had a lot of trials, but all came unsuccessful, with my wire all crooked up and asymmetric.  

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Copper Wire Diadem - Dijadema od bakarne žice

>>> Copper Wire Diadem; Copper, freshwater pearls, clear and frosted glass beads; Technique: wire wrap; Oxidized for antique look;
>>> <<<
<<< Dijadema od bakarne žice;bakar, sedef, providne i peskirane staklene perle;Tehnika: wire wrap; Patinirano;

Saturday, August 13, 2016

I listen to my wire and do what it tells me to do ;P - Slušam svoju žicu i radim onako kako ona kaže ;)

>>> When I have to say something about a jewelry piece that I was working on, most of the time I lack the words. Like now, but I'll try. Maybe this is going to be a story about how you plan in your mind an entirely different jewelry line and end up with a piece that you wanted to make for a long time, but was not sure how. And for a long time I wanted to make piece like this. First I made a drawing and got almost what I wanted..well, this is just the first piece and I hope to perfect the technique with a practice. The end result is different than the initial idea, but sometime wire tells itself what needs to be done, instead. And I listen to wire :). It told me that it wants to curve out when I wanted to curve it in and that I need to fill the gaps with more beads.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ice Age Bracelets And Headband With Geometric Motifs - Narukvice i krunica sa geometrijskim motivima, iz ledenog doba

>>> I am a great fan of prehistoric art and have been both blessed and cursed to live in a part of the world called Balkan peninsula. For now, I'll leave bad sides and mention only good ones, those that make me happy to live in an area that is so rich with history and archaeological sites like Lepenski Vir, Starcevo, Vinca, Butmir, Vucedol, etc. and that is not far away from other neighboring cultures like Cucuteni-Trypillian and Karanovo-Gumelnitsa, which all together seem to be a part of one huge ( and highly neglected by modern day scholars ) Old European Culture or Old Danube Civilization, which was spread widely in time and space: It lasted from as early as from 27,000 BCE until 3,000 BCE and covered modern day countries like all of ex-YU countries, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Albania, North Italy, parts of Greece, Turkey and huge parts, if not all, of Ukraine, Russia, etc.

Today I want to mention two prehistoric artifacts from Ukraine and one from Russia. Just the bare thought of them induces chills going down my spine. They might be the oldest known artifacts with meandering and zigzag/chevron motifs, ever found. They are 20,000 years old, at least, and are carved in mammoth bone and tusks. 


>>> Ukraine is blessed with with an abundance of Paleolithic sites. Although artifacts made primarily from mammoth bones and tusks are known from ancient settlements throughout Eurasia, they are mainly concentrated in the north-western tributaries of the Dnipro River basin and in the Crimeamaking Ukraine an ideal area in which to study Paleolithic society. Those settlements have been dated by 14C isotope analysis to between 27,000 and 12,000 BCE. 

Paleolithic bracelet with meandering and zigzag patterns; Mezin,Ukraine;

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wild Boar In The Art of Ancient European & Eurasian Tribes: SCHYTIANS, Part 1 - Divlji vepar u umetnosti drevnih evropskih i evroazijskih naroda: SKITI, 1. Deo

>>> Last several months, I've been studying arts and crafts of ancient tribes that lived across the waste area: from Balkan and southern-eastern Europe, over Ukraine and Russia to Central Asia and even further. I wanted to see if there is any continuity and similarities between the arts of "different" cultures and to figure out where to look for its' origins, so I started my research from as early as from mesolithic and neolithic age. I have tried to conduct my own comparative research and looked for things like pottery and ceramic figurines, tombstones and burial sites, textiles, scripts, and, of course, jewelry.

While the overall picture now looks less foggy to me, I still have to do a lot more of research, to be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. As I learn and discover, my attitudes are constantly changing, primarily in regard to what I have learned earlier in my life. For example, as an art student, during the history of art classes and by reading mainstream literature, that was most of the time the only one available. 

Picture 1: TORQUE (GRIVNA)
Gold: cast, forged, chased. Diam. 17.3-19 cm ;

Meotian Culture.  Late 4th century BC;

Karagodeuashkh Barrow, Kuban, Krasnodar Region (formerly Giaghinsky District of Kuban Region);

Russia (now Ukraine);

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Wire Crochet Workshop - Kurs izrade nakita od kukičane žice

>>> Passing knowledge to people who are genuinely and passionately interested to learn new skills, can be just as equally challenging and gratifying as designing and making jewelry. Especially when you have a raw diamond in front of you ,who isn't even aware enough of all her talents and potentials. I'm sure that a lady that came to me to teach her about wire crochet jewelry is going to make her mark in jewelry design soon, first because she knows exactly what she wants. Once she was introduced what can be made in this technique, she described me what she would like to try. It was a two day intensive course and this necklace was the outcome at the end of day one.

>>> <<<

<<< Prenošenje znanja ljudima koji su iskreno i sa žarom zainteresovani da nauče i steknu nove veštine, može biti isto tako izazovno i ispunjavajuće kao i kada smišljate i pravite nakit. Posebno kada ispred sebe imate nebrušeni dijamant, koji čak nije ni svestan u potpunosti svih svojih talenata i potencijala. Sigurna sam da će divna dama koja je došla kod mene da je naučim izradi nakita od kukičane žice, uskoro ostaviti traga jednom kada započne sa tim, pre svega zbog toga što ona tačno zna šta želi i već ima koncept u svojoj glavi. Jednom kada sam je informisala šta sve može da se napravi u ovoj tehnici,ona mi je objasnila šta bi od toga želela da isproba. To je bio dvodnevni intenzivni kurs (sa pauzom od dva dana kako bi vežbala kod kuće i uradila domaći zadatak :), a ova ogrlica je rezultat rada na kraju prvog dana.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

How to Decorate a Boho-Style Room - Kako urediti sobu u Boho stilu

>>> I am verry happy that and Starseed Jewelry are continuing cooperation. Here's another wonderful and useful decorating story for blog readers who love Bohemian/Boho style that will never be out of fashion. If you would like to refresh your living space, but still not ready to go for new furniture, than go Boho :)! Find out how to Decorate a Boho-Style Room.

<<< Vrlo sam srećna što nastavlja saradnju sa Starseed Jewelry. Evo je druga divna i korisna priča o dekorisanju prostora za one čitaoce bloga koji vole Boho stil koji će uvek biti u modi. Ako biste voleli da osvežite svoj životni prostor, a još niste spremni da kupite novi nameštaj, opredelite se za Boho stil. Saznajte kako da uredite sobu u ovom stilu. 

>>> <<<

How to Decorate a Boho-Style Room - Kako urediti sobu u Boho stilu 

>>> The best part of decorating a home or apartment is infusing the space with your unique tastes and personality. And no decor style gives you more room to play around than bohemian. When you’re going for eclectic, you don’t have to shy away from mixing rich hues or interesting patterns, or even incorporating random finds and accessories as art. Home Improvement Leads has a few ideas for a boho bedroom or living room that will feel uniquely yours.

<<< Ono što je najbolje u vezi uređenja kuće ili stana je što svoju vlastitu ličnost i osećaj za estetiku možete izraziti kroz taj prostor. A nijedan drugi stil dekorisanja vam ne pruža više mogućnosti za igru od boemskog. Ukoliko se opredelite za eklektiku, ne treba da se stidite da mešate jake tonove i interesantne dezene, ili čak da inkorporišete i neke stvari i detalje na koje ste slučajno nabasali, kao deo umetničke "postavke". Home Improvement Leads vam predlaže nekoliko ideja za uređenje spavaće ili dnevne sobe koja će da odiše - vama! 

Drape Lush Fabrics - Drapirajte raskošne materijale

>>> Use flowy fabrics to make your room feel more tranquil. Drape them over your furniture, or use a colorful rug or curtain as a partition to add privacy. You can also loosely hang a sheer fabric from the ceiling with lanterns for a truly ethereal look. 

<<< Koristite materijale koji imaju bogat i lep pad kako bi vaša soba odisala mirom. Drapirajte ih oko komada nameštaja, ili upotrebite tepih ili zavese živih boja kao neku vrstu pregradnog zida koji će vam obezbediti privatnost. Takođe, za postizanje eteričnog izleda sobe, možete da na deo plafona gde su svetiljke,labavo pričvrstite providan materijal 

Incorporate Jewelry - Inkorporišite i nakit

>>> Beading is a distinctive aspect of boho decor, so why not make your jewelry dual-purpose? It will add a beautiful design element. Plus, accessorizing will be a lot simpler when all of your jewelry is on display in front of you.

<<< Perlice su karakterističan aspekt boho dekora, tako da zašto ne dati svom nakitu dvostruku ulogu? One mogu biti divan dizajnerski element. Plus, kad se spremate za izlazak i kad dođe do izbora detalja, lakše će vam biti da imate sav svoj nakit izložen i na dohvat ruke.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Srpsko srednjovekovno pečatno prstenje - Serbian Medieval Signet Rings

>>> Богатој традицији израде накита на овим просторима можемо придружити и печатно прстење, изузетне израде и декоративности. Печатно прстење је иначе играло важну улогу током историје, а та улога није била само декоративна. Оно је указивало и на статус у друштвеним круговима. Начин на који се развијало указује да је оно одувек било резултат жеље за препознавањем и идентификацијом. Важни људи, попут владара, племства, поглавара црквених институција, итд. уместо потписа, радије су документа и пошиљке важне садржине верификовали печатним прстењем. Прстен би се утиснуо у врућ восак или мекану глину и тиме би се формирао препознатљив отисак који је имао важност званичног печата. Њиме се могло печатити све, од докумената, ћупова и пошиљки са различитим садржајима, преко улазних врата до гробница. Ако би неко тражио доказ да је важна пошиљка аутентична, ту је био отисак печатног прстена који је указивао на то ко је пошиљилац. Садржина није могла да се отвара, а да се отсиак при том не оштети. На тај начин је пошиљка била и боље заштићена. Прстење је зато увек имало препознатљиве ознаке, а то су  најчешће били фамилијарни грбови. Овакво прстење може да буни јер се, рецимо,  слова често читају наопачке. Мећутим, била је пракса да се знак/грб гравира као одраз на огледалу, како би се на печатном воску указала исправна слика.  Симболика печатног прстења је изузетно богата и њеном тумачењу би се могао посветитио један посебан пост. Овом приликом биће представљено печатно прстење српских земаља кроз призму хералдике, из пера хералдичког истраживача, а ја слободно могу рећи и стручњака, Бранка Тодоровића :).

>>> <<<

Хералдика прстена у српским земљама од почетка XIV века до њиховог пада под османску власт

Аутор текста: Бранко Тодоровић

>>> Хералдика као дисциплина у српским земљама корене свог развоја везује за почетак XIV века, када под утицајем суседних земаља Краљевине Угарске и Млетачке Републике, на наше просторе продиру и први хералдички утицаји.

Угарска хералдика, која вуче своје корене из старије хералдике немачких земаља, утицаће на просторе који су више били оријентисани ка унутрашњости континента, пре свега Србија и Босна, док ће хералдичке традиције Млетачке утицати на појаву хералдике у Приморју, односно у Војводству од Светога Саве, Дубровнику и Зети.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


>>> Many times I have asked myself what would be the best way to turn a part of my living room into handmade jewelry studio. Not so long ago I have made an improvisation. It works, but I am not entirely happy with it. I have wondered how it would be to ask experts for advice and it turned out that I have been very fortunate to be reached out by one of them. So I am very happy to be able to post an article, written by  Bryn Huntpalmer from Modernize, exclusively for Starseed Jewelry and their readers. Many of you are artists and all sorts of creative people, too. So I hope you will be enjoying while reading this post, as it has plenty of smart ideas and solutions.

>>> <<<

<<< Puno puta sam se pitala koji bi bio najbolji način da preuredim deo dnevne sobe u studio za izradu nakita. Ne tako davno napravila sam improvizaciju na tu temu. U pitanju je privremeno rešenje koje vrši funkciju, mada nisam bas najzadovoljnija njime. Zanimalo me je kako bi bilo tražiti savet od eksperata i nedavno sam bila te sreće da budem kontaktirana od strane jednih od njih. U pitanju je ekipa koja stoji iza firme Modernize, sa kojima sam ostvarila saradnju u vidu ovog članka, čiji je autor Bryn Huntpalmer. Ona je, ekskluzivno za Starseed Jewelry i one koji prate ovaj blog, podelila svoje znanje. Među vama ima puno umetnika i kreativnih ljudi uopšte, pa se nadam da ćete uživati ćitajući ovaj post, jer sadrži obilje sjajnih ideja i predloga.  

DIY Your Handmade Jewelry Studio

>>> You’re crafty, so why send your hard-earned dollars to someone else for doing the job you were born to do? If you’re a handmade artisan, you can turn a lackluster room into the perfect handmade craft studio. We at Modernize love having space to try work on jewelry and the opportunity to work in an inspiring space without disrupting the people we live with (or vice versa). Here’s how you can set up your handmade haven.

Uredi sam svoj studio za izradu nakita

<<< Vi ste kreativna osoba, koja uživa da stalno nešto stvara, pa zašto biste svoj teško stečen dinar davali nekom drugom, da obavi posao za koji ste vi rođeni? Ukoliko ste umetnik ili zanatlija, možete pretvoriti sobu bez sjaja u savršen umetnički studio. Mi, u Modernize-u, volimo kada dobijemo prostor koji treba pretvoriti u studio za izradu nakita, gde je moguće raditi u inspirativnom okruženju, a da ne smetamo ljudima sa kojima živimo (ili obrnuto). Evo kako možete da napravite svoj stvaralački kutak/utočište.