Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rustic ring in gold & teal tones - Rusticni prsten u zlatno-petrolej tonovima

I was just kidding with a friend on Facebook that if I kept on with building this ring up I would've soon end up with a Chrysler building instead:). And really, this ring is quiet bold and chunky. However, I think it's stil not bling and tacky. It's actualy rustic and to me looks like a piece of raw mineral rock. I made it from brass wire and fire-polished glass faceted beads in teal and gold tones which match the color of the brass ( that is more like a antique gold ).The gold tones than were accentuated with a tiny transparent matching color Swarovski-like beads, that add a little sparkle and magic to the whole piece. When I started looping the wire I couldn't predict how it would look at the end, so this is a capricious 'little" ring too, that has life of his own:). It's huge and I like to wear it on my index finger and thumbs. I was so happy how it looks that I played and over-played with photo-shooting, but at least you can see how it looks on hand and on its own. 

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