Monday, November 14, 2011

Ogrlica sa priveskom - Necklace with a pendant

** Ogrlica sa priveskom;
- Materijal: patinirana bakarna zica, crne staklene fasetirane perle;
- Tehnika: wire wrap;
- Inspiracija: linearni floralni motivi, stilizovani krst, srpska srednjovekovna ornamentika;
- Svi delovi, sem perlica, su rucni rad

** Necklace with a pendant;
- Material: copper wire ( oxidized ), black glass faceted beads;
- Technique: wire wrap;
- Inspiration: linear floral motifs, cross stylization, serbian medieval ornaments
- All parts and findings are handmade


  1. Even before I read about the Serbian medieval ornaments being your inspiration, this piece had a medieval feel to me.

  2. Thanks Cat:), I have found the most precious collection of serbian medieval ornaments, most of them are pretty unique and rare. I would need much more tools to be able to reproduce them litteraly, but for now I will only use them as inspiration:)