Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fire & Ice - Vatra i led

*Testing red wire - this time it was little bit tougher than with gold tone one. Probably because of dark color coating the wire was slightly stiffer. And somehow red color is reflecting the light in a way that the stitches were almost invisible. I realy had hard time to find which loop I have to pull the needle through. What I got is this two peace set made of red tone seed beads sprinkled with transparent and silver lined ones.

*Testiranje crvene zice - ovaj put je bilo malo teze nego sa zicom u zlatnom tonu. Verovatno zbog sloja tamne boje zica je malo kruca. Usput, crvena boja reflektuje svetlost tako da se bodovi skoro uopste ne vide. S obzirom da je ovaj dvodelni set uradjen skoro naslepo, mislim da i nije tako lose ispao.

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